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Broken Garage Door Spring Houston

Garage Door Springs Stay Under Tremendous Tension to be Able to Lift Your Garage Door with Ease. Because of This Tension, Springs Don’t Last Forever! You Can Expect to Average About 6-7 Years Per Spring, Depending on the Usage of Your Garage Door.

When a Spring is Broken, it Will Have the Appearance of a Separated Coil, as Seen in the Image Above. The Garage Door May Also Feel Heavy or Impossible to Lift if the Spring is Broken.

Warning: Garage Door Springs are Dangerous and Should Only be Touched by Garage Door Professionals to Avoid Serious Injury or Death.

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Garage Door Springs Come in Many Sizes and Lengths, and it’s Important You Get The Right Springs for Your Garage Door. The Wrong Spring Size, or the Wrong Amount of Springs, Can Cause Damage to Your Automated Garage Door Opener, or Cause Your Garage Door to Come Off of the Tracks.

Standard One Car Garage Doors (8’x7′) Typically Have Two Extension Springs Hanging on the Side of the Tracks, or One Torsion Spring on a Torsion Tube.

Standard Two Car Garages (16’x7′) Have Between One or Two Torsion Springs, Depending on the Weight of the Door.

You May Also See More Than Two Springs on Other Doors, Such as Wood Garage Doors or Hurricane Garage Doors, Which Typically Have Four Torsion Springs Due to Their Extreme Weight.

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