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Garage Door Openers Are Complex Machines that Utilize Many Different Parts All Working Together to Operate Your Garage Door. Because of Their Complexity, Garage Door Openers Can Sometimes Stop Operating Correctly. However, in Most Cases, the Garage Door Opener Can Be Repaired, Saving You Hundreds of Dollars by Avoiding Having to Buy a Whole New Opener.

We Also Make Sure That Your Garage Door Itself is Working as Best as it Can to Extend the life of Your Garage Door Opener. The Door and the Opener Work in Tandem, so it’s Important to Keep Both Maintained and Operating Properly. A Garage Door That is Not Operating as it Should or That Hasn’t Been Serviced in Years Can Lead to Your Garage Door Opener Becoming Overworked and Possibly Damaged.

The Biggest Difference Between Garage Door Openers is the Method in Which They Operate. The Most Common is a Chain Drive System, Which Uses a Chain and Gears to Operate Your Garage. Belt Drives Operate Very Similarly to Chain Drives, Except They Use a Kevlar Belt Instead of a Metal Chain. This Means They Are Quieter but Less Durable. Finally There’s Rail Drive Openers, Which Use a Coupler to Turn the Rail so the Door Can Raise and Lower.

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